Teach + Uncommon Object

After I asked a question on Psychology and Neuroscience SE, some confusion arose over my use of the phrase ‘to teach a disorder’ I was told that ‘to teach a disorder’ is a poor choice of words when trying to convey that … I am not asking whether people can be taught but whether the … Read more

Meaning of the phrase “embedding theoretical knowledge into practice”?

So, I have been writing my application for a job, and I want to mention that I consider the job as an opportunity where I convert the theory I have learned in my study into practice (real work). In this context, would it be correct to state “embedding theoretical knowledge into practice”? I read it … Read more

Correct usage of ‘proverbial’

Is it the correct usage of the word ‘proverbial‘ to suggest to someone who is completely bald that they need to ‘let their proverbial hair down‘? Answer It is the correct usage. proverbial adjective used in a proverb or other phrase: The players pointed the proverbial finger at themselves as the ones needing to improve. … Read more

In what contexts is the phrase “a recent point” used?

There are many kinds of point, but is there a recent point? I can imagine this sort of phrase occurring in a discussion or lecture regarding subject matter that was referenced somehow not too long ago. However, never heard it in speech, although it doesn’t sound bad. Does this phrase occur in English? Answer I … Read more

How do you call the space inside train?

I wonder how do you call the space inside trains like above. I found some words: stock, carriage, cabin, compartment, etc through dictionaries, however, I don’t know the differences among the words. Would you tell me the differences among “carriage”, “cabin”, “compartment” and let me know how can I say in case of the picture … Read more