“Take advantage of” and “make the most of”: What is the difference?

For example, if I’m looking forward to spending a month in Spain, I could say: I will take advantage of the opportunity to learn Spanish. I will make the most of the opportunity to learn Spanish. What could the possible difference between them be? Answer As you might have noticed, both phrases need an “..of” … Read more

Is “thirty past seven” acceptable?

If it is seven thirty, we can also say “half past seven”. I am wondering whether “thirty past seven” is acceptable. Answer “Half past seven” is the common expression. The following picture may help you and please see here: AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : April 0101 , Answer Author : Community

Does the saying “speaking English like a Spanish cow” exist in English?

In French we have an expression which is: Parler (une langue, l’anglais par exemple) comme une vache espagnole which literally translates to: Speaking (a language, like English) like a Spanish cow Is this expression correct in English? Is there a similar expression which refers to non-native speakers who don’t speak the language well, or who … Read more

What does “stop whacking off” mean?

Today my boss came by my desk and told to me “stop whacking off, when will phase 2 of the project be completed?” What does “stop whacking off” mean? I did not know how to respond. What is an appropriate response? Answer Usually, if you don’t know the meaning of a sentence, I would recommend … Read more

‘recently’ with present perfect and past

When do we use recently with past tenses? I’ve come across some sentences in which I don’t understand the use of recently. I recently wrote to my grandmother. They were working in Canada recently. From Headway upper intermediate Teacher’s Book p.7. I thought we had to use the present perfect with it. Answer Both past … Read more