Are past/present progessive and past/present perfect verb form, nonfinite?

I read that nonfinite verb form end in -ed,-ing or starts with to and another definition where nonfinite verb form show no tense. But on the other hand, I’ve read there are past and present progressive verb forms. They start with is/are/am and end in -ing for present tense. In past form they start with … Read more

How do finite verbs work in questions?

I am doing an exercise Rudolf Flesch’s "The Art of Plain Talk." It’s point is to change as many nouns, infinitives, gerunds, and participles into "active verbs" or finite verbs. I have spent the past hour trying to rewrite a sentence to use finite verbs, but I cannot figure out if my result is actually … Read more

How do I better ask question which may not contain subject?

Which of the following sounds better: How do I cook an omelet? – or How to cook an omelet? If I am asking which steps someone, in general, should take to cook an omelet. Answer If you start with “How to cook an omelet”, with or without a question mark, I expect you to continue … Read more