lack of page numbering

What do you put in a reference when the page lacks numbering? Is there any abbreviation to denote such a case? I’m working on some manuscripts that are numbered only on the front side. I refer to them as folium, abbreviated fol. Unfortunately, some of the sheets aren’t numbered at all(???) Answer The Chicago Manual … Read more

Footnote and citation at the end of a sentence

According to this, footnote marks should come at the end of the sentence, after the punctuation, like The inner flow is then reflected at this boundary, leading to an oblique expansion shock (also named reflection wave).4 Sadly, I don’t remember where, but I think that references go like this: The inner flow is then reflected … Read more

What’s the name of the little number or symbol that refers you to a footnote?

The word footnote seems to only refer to the actual text that you are brought to if you follow the little number or symbol (such as ‘*’) to the bottom of the page. Does the actual superscript character have a name? Answer Well, reference mark is in the dictionary to refer to the symbols: any … Read more

Use of & in Footnote editing

If the intent is to reduce the # of characters in footnotes/endnotes (using the Chicago/Turabian style), would it be proper to replace “and” with “&”? For example, “ed. & trans,” pages “4, 7, & 19,” etc. Answer It would be worth seeking guidance on this from your publisher/tutor/supervisor. As far as I can determine, general … Read more

How to indicate elision of a footnote symbol in a quotation

I’m quoting a passage that includes a superscript indicating a footnote. I’m not quoting the footnote, however. What do I do? If I leave the superscript in, it’s distracting, since it suggests that there’s a footnote to be found in my paper–at the very least, the reader will probably wonder about that for a brief … Read more

We should use abbreviation full name with capital first letters in footnote?

Suppose that I have a abbreviation in a scientific article and using a footnote for full name. Which one is true? Abbreviation (in text): AHS Footnote1: American Healthcare Society Footnote2 : American healthcare society Footnote3 : american healthcare society Answer The same rules apply as for normal text: if it’s a proper noun all the … Read more