Grammaticality of ‘that’ relative clause in phrase beginning with possessive pronoun

I would like to ask about the grammaticality of a ‘that’ relative clause modifying a noun phrase that begins with a possessive pronoun. Please consider these examples: Please send in your technician that I can talk to. They scrapped our project that had taken us so much effort. From a somewhat prescriptive standpoint (I’m trying … Read more

Can passive reduced relative clauses precede a head noun?

I have zero background in linguistics, so forgive me if this is trivial. The Wikipedia article for relative clauses claims that, with regard to the positioning of the relative clause, “English, for example, is generally head-first”. However, intuitively, it makes sense that a “reduced object passive relative clause” would be able to precede the head … Read more

My understanding about the non-restrictive use of the relative clause in a partcular sentence

Almost every chinese who works at an iPhone manifacture in China usually uses a china-produced phone, which is way cheaper. I just want to make sure if my understanding especially about the non-restrictive use of the relative clause in the sentence above is correct. What I understand about it is “china-produced phones are generally (or … Read more

Which of these nouns does the relative clause go with?

I have this sentence: John inadvertently broke the window of Mary’s car, which was bought just two weeks ago. Which meaning should I understand between “Mary’s car was bought two weeks ago” and “the window of Mary’s car was bought two weeks ago”? If the sentence means the former one, how can I make it … Read more

Multiple relative clauses within subject?

I’m wondering what is the actual subject in this sentence: “One of the countries she has visited that I have not is Canada.” To me, everything up until ‘is’ seems like the subject, but I can’t find any information about relative clauses being found in a subject, other than in the case of a ‘that’ … Read more

“to be applied to” vs “to be applied”

I’m German and I’m reading the English language General Relativity lecture notes by my professor, who is also German. As I read I take notes and corrections to help him improve the notes whenever I find errors. I don’t want to correct him where he’s actually right and I’m not entirely sure if this is … Read more

Is it correct to add nouns to “of which”,”in which”,”of whom”, etc.?

For example, can I say Recently I bought a new computer, the price of which was very reasonable. I always considered this type of usage correct but can’t find any example sentences on the internet. Answer If you are asking whether the construction N N Prep. which is a legal construction in English, then then … Read more

Relative Clause Removal of “Relative Pronoun”

So I have a grammar book that says you can remove relative pronoun when it is used in defining relative clause, if it is non-defining you can’t. For example: The man who we met yesterday was a sales representative. The man we met yesterday was a sales representative. both correct. But: My father, who you … Read more