‘The phrase “cute puppy,”is not considered a collocation.’ Is this correct?

I am a data scientist who has a question about collocations based on a book I am reading. The book is “Feature Engineering for Machine Learning: Principles and Techniques for Data Scientists” by Alice Zheng, Amanda Casari. In chapter 3, regarding working with text data and natural language processing, the authors state: “Collocations are more … Read more

The “F-word” in N-gram Viewer

I was simply fiddling with Ngram viewer when my apparently naughty mind made me type the (real) “F-word” onto the text field, (the time was also chosen randomly, (1750-to-1993)), the results baffled me. (more like upside down flattened bell-curve) From the results it seems entire 19th century and early-to-mid 20th writers heavily eschewed the word … Read more