For and a period of time

As I know, we could use “for” with perfect tense to talk about a period of time. However, I am still not sure how to use “for”. Could you tell me which sentence below is okay? I don’t know I should use only one “for” or two “for”.” I have been waiting for a bus … Read more

have read or be reading

Can I use present perfect or present continuous with “this month” or other words like this week, this year? Could you tell me the different meaning between them like the sentences below? I have read three books this month. I am reading three books this month. Answer Both mean different and I’m not sure you … Read more

What is the difference between “to get”, ” to take” and “to pick”?

When I should use “to get”, “to take” and “to pick”? Who answer can put a few examples? Thanks. Answer To “get” is to acquire. To “take” is to choose those things that you want, and to make them yours. To “pick” is to choose perhaps somewhat more selectively than “take” as listed above, but … Read more

Is “You are so beautiful girl” incorrect?

You are so beautiful girl. I have read/used this sentence and it looks okay to me. Nevertheless, the grammar rule of ‘placement of adjective’ says that After how/so/too, the adjectives go before a/an as in “She’s too polite a girl to refuse.” Having this said, You are so beautiful a girl -is correct! What do … Read more

Is “which are” omitted from this sentence?

I have a sentence here: Software quality assurance is a planned and systematic pattern of all actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that an item or product conforms to established technical requirements. Did the writer omit a relative pronoun? Could the sentence be written as: “…of all actions which are necessary to provide…” ? Answer … Read more

Is it correct to use “in regards to”?

“In regards to” is something I use constantly. I use that to refer back to a specific subject or object. For example: A: Is it too expensive? Also, would I be able to make an appointment? B: It is not that expensive in comparison to other services. In regards to the appointment, yes! You will … Read more

Usage of bunch adjectives, not just two or three

A barely visible shining thin blue transparent layer appears around the bulb. Here I used 5 adjectives “barely visible”, “shining”, “thin”, “blue”, “transparent”. Is this correct? Can I add so many adjectives in front of a noun? Answer Tossing the reader an arbitrary number of adjectives in a comma-separated list is not strictly forbidden, but … Read more