“Who has you doing that?”

“Who has you doing that?” Can you explain the grammatical structure, and correctness of this? To me, a native speaker, and teacher, it is perfectly acceptable. However a non native speaker, also a teacher, questioned the correctness of it. As explaining grammar can be a bit of a task, can anyone help? Answer Substitute the … Read more

Does this sentence sound strange to your ears? – “Not anyone can be a poet.”

Thank you so much for checking out my question! I am currently trying to be a teacher of English in Japan and reviewing the basic grammars of English. And I hit a wall. I cannot explain what is wrong with the sentence as follows: “Not anyone can be a poet.” I usually write “Not everyone … Read more

Is it wrong to use “last” instead of “latter” to address the second element in a list of two?

I am reviewing an academic paper written by somebody else. At some point in this work the second element in a list of two elements is addressed as “the last”. I immediately reached for the red pen to change it into “the latter”, but then the doubt came: is there any rule prohibiting the use … Read more

Is there a grammatically correct replacement for “a whole nother level” that retains the intended meaning and emphasis?

In the sentence “I had had great experiences before, but this one was like a whole nother level“, I understand the idea, but I’m also aware that saying a whole nother is not grammatical. Is there an alternative way of saying the same sentence such that 1) it’s grammatically correct and 2) does not lose … Read more