Is it uncommon to end a sentence with a contraction?

I tried to persuade X to go, but I couldn’t. I came across someone writing a sentence ending in a contraction, similar to the one above, and someone else saying that it’s uncommon, and that “but I could not” would be better. Is that the case? I know that contractions shouldn’t be used in formal … Read more

Appropriate usage of “can’t” and “cannot”

Are there any rules for using can’t and cannot since they mean the same thing, and they are used interchangeably, but they sound weird in certain contexts? Answer This answer at ELU suggests: Grammatically, you can use can’t instead of can not or cannot in the majority of circumstances. There is an exception. In wh-movement, … Read more

“The group of fifty people {is / are} going to arrive Thursday” – which is preferred?

Isn’t the following sentence grammatically correct? The group of fifty people are going to arrive Thursday. What’s wrong with it? Someone said it should be The group of fifty people is going to arrive Thursday. Why? People is plural so why is people is better than people are? Answer Strictly speaking, the subject of the … Read more