Pronunciation of “Makemake” versus “make”

“Makemake” is the name of a celestial object, a dwarf planet. The “i” in name “Makemake” is pronounced different than in the English word “make” meaning create*. It is pronounced as in “maki”, the sushi roll. So it sounds like the two words “maki maki” instead of “make make” as two words. Is that something … Read more

What does the quoted section in someone’s name mean?

As in the title, what does a quoted section in a name mean? Names like John “James” Doe (not someone’s name) Answer This usually refers to a nickname, or something that other people might call that person that isn’t their given name. So in the example you gave, that person’s formal given name is John, … Read more

How to pronounce August Dvorak’s last name in English?

I’ve recently come across the existence of the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard created by professor August Dvorak. And I’ve been looking for solid sources on how to pronounce the man’s name and I can’t find any. Answer In a comment, Michael Harvey wrote: I read an interview in Byte magazine about 1992 with John C Dvorak, … Read more

Why is the Turkish president’s surname is spelt in English as Erdogan, with g?

I recently got puzzled as to why American journalists spell the surname of the current Turkish president in articles written in English as Erdogan, with g (see, e.g., this article in New York Times). We spell his surname as エルドアン, which does not include the g sound. In the original language, Turkish, his surname is … Read more

Why isn’t Robert Mueller’s last name pronounced like Ferris Bueller’s?

Mueller, Mueller, Mueller? Why isn’t Robert Mueller’s last name pronounced like “Bueller” of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” fame? Is there a correct pronunciation? I’ve been pronouncing it like Bueller for nearly 2 years. I’ve heard some people on TV pronounce it like I do, but most pronounce it “Muller.” Answer The simple answer is that … Read more

Is there a name of the flying bionic bird?

I have seen this flying robotic bird on youtube few days ago. Unlike other flying machines/robots, it flaps its wing to fly. Doing google, I came to know that they are called bionic bird. But, bionic bird may not necessarily fly. They can be used as a spying robots sitting on a wall. What do … Read more

What is a small tent kind of shop on the side of the road called?

What is a small tent kind of shop on the side of the road called? It can sell stuff like newspapers, snacks, coffee, and other small things. The only two things that come to mind are “a hot dog stand” and “street vendor” (though the latter is the person). So, I was wondering what other … Read more

Why do we call it “combination lock”?

Variation lock seems more accurate by mathematical definitions Edit(to give it more context) Hey, can you tell me the combination of your lockbox ? Why don’t we say variation(or permutation)? The order matters in this case and combination is an unordered set of numbers. Answer Because most people are not mathematicians. I know that sounds … Read more