Comma placement after name

I’ve always been confused where I would place a comma when introducing someone by name then detailing their place of work. For example: The visiting professor is Dr. John Smith of the University of Chicago. Would commas be needed in this instance and if so, where would I place them? Answer No need of Comma … Read more

What is difference between timetable and schedule?

I’m building an application that shows schedule/timetable for university students. I’m confused as to what is the correct word for it: schedule or timetable? What should I call it? Here is the result of GitHub search for different queries: university timetable – 359 university schedule – 742 students timetable – 329 students schedule – 1100 … Read more

How is paciic pronounced?

This video covers how an airline with the word pacific in its name accidentally wrote paciic on their airplane. While very amusing, the lady in the video pronounces the mistaken ‘pasiic’ like Pacific, just without the f, like ‘pacic’, if you will. Is that indeed the write way to say it, or does its pronunciation … Read more

A noun followed by name

I’m writing about a painter who depicts his imaginary world that he calls Argondia. Question: Consider a sentence, “His paintings are reflections of an imaginary world Argondia“. Is the ending “imaginary world Argondia” gramatically correct? Or should it be something like “imaginary world of Argondia” ? Answer Using world of Argondia as you suggested will … Read more

How to properly refer to a person who had changed their name in the past tense?

A person changed her name from A to B. “My 6th grade English teacher was A” sounds right, but when I alter the sentence structure to “B was my 6th grade English teacher” it sounds right. These are just 2 variations of the same sentence, so why does the order make referring to the person … Read more

expressing a feeling

I’m looking for a name for my blog, crisp yet interesting. The idea is, when we tear paper into tiny bits and let it fly from the roof, it looks like a beautiful whirlpool of paper shower, i couldn’t express this in words. The closest I could come up with is paper bits, but that … Read more

Should I use “the John” or “the john” when referring to the slang phrase for toilet?

Should I capitalize the “j” in John when referring to a toilet as “the john.” The same goes for lazy Susan and other words that are also names. Answer Since the john is not a proper noun, lower case is more useful for clarity. This way, you could avoid ambiguity in situations like… When John … Read more

Is there a name for the relationship between a movement and a follower of that movement?

Movements and philosophies often have a specific term that is used to describe followers of it. For example, Islam and Muslims, the Society of Jesus and Jesuits, Communism and Communists, even the Grateful Dead and Deadheads. The analogous relationship between person and place is called Demonymy. Is there such a term for the relationship that … Read more