What tense to use for research results/statistics

My question is similar to this one and this one. However, I think I need further elaboration to understand at what points I am supposed to use present tense, and where to use past tense. Now, my prior was that present tense should generally be used to present research results. Some examples: Overall, value traded … Read more

Would you write “an error was fixed” in scientific work?

I am not sure if Error ABC was fixed by preprocessing algorithm XYZ. is “slang”. Can it be written in scientific work? Is there a better way to say it? The context is in machine learning, where a preprocessing algorithm detects errors that are caused by hardware faults which occur only once in a while. … Read more

Difference between “abbreviation” and “symbol” in scientific contexts

I’ve noticed that the shorthand notations for chemical elements, such as C for carbon, are called symbols, not abbreviations. This also seems to be the case in several other scientific contexts, such as physical constants. What special meaning does the term symbol carry in these contexts? How is a symbol distinct from an abbreviation? Answer … Read more

Why do we write “Fourier’s law” but “Soret effect”?

Can you explain why do we write e.g. Fourier’s law, Ohm’s law, Newton’s law of cooling, etc. but Soret effect, Dufour effect instead of Soret’s effect, Dufour’s effect? What is the principle? Answer The only authority I’ve been able to find on this particular question is The Oxford Style Manual (2003), which provides this summary: … Read more