What does “not one of them“ mean?

Does “not one of them” mean “more than one of them” or “none of them”? Example: Not one of them thought it necessary to avoid dogmatic statements about unicorns because he had never seen one of them. Answer Strictly mathematically, if you only had “not one”, it could mean zero, or could mean a hundred, … Read more

Meaning of “shrift”

The other day I ran into “shrift”. Google default said it meant “to shrink”. All dictionary links said “confession in a church”. In context this hardly poses a problem, but what would be the default you’d think of when hearing this word without context? Answer Apart from the idiom give somebody/something short shrift (=give it … Read more

What does the word “just” mean in this context?

It was written on a T-shirt: “Do not disturb. Just don’t.” What does “just” mean here? Does it mean that all I want is that you don’t disturb? There is a difference of opinion between the respondents. What is the opinion of someone whose mother tongue is English? Answer I think the word “just” here … Read more

You pays your money, you takes your choice

From BBC News on Airport expansion comes the quote: But the Gatwick scheme is better for the local environment, and it should be easier to deliver politically and financially. You pays your money, you takes your choice. What does You pays your money, you takes your choice. mean? It is clearly grammatically incorrect. Googling unhelpfully … Read more