meaning of ‘do someone cold’

“One move, lights out. I’ll do you cold.” It’s a dialogue between a criminal and a victim. (from TV series) I do understand ‘one move, lights out’ It means ‘if you move, I will kill you’, right? But what does ‘I’ll do you cold.’ mean? I can’t find it on dictionary or Google. Help me! … Read more

“Animal skin treated” – what does “treated” mean in this context?

The skin of animals like cows, buffaloes, goats, crocodiles, snakes and camels are treated and used as leather to make belts, shoes, bags and purses etc. Can you please explain the meaning of treated in above sentence? I saw this sentence in my book chapter. Answer “Treated” means processed in this context, here’s a relevant … Read more

What does “has been described in other work” mean in this sentence?

I’m currently reading a book about chemistry. Here is a sentence that I faced and didn’t understand: This procedure has been described in other work from our laboratory I don’t get what it means by “describe in other work”! The only thing came to my mind was that it was probably “in other words” and … Read more

‘I’m in favour of ___’ vs. ‘I’m for ___’

Is ‘I’m in favour of’ considered more formal than ‘I’m for’, or are they interchangeable? I want to say something like, ‘Sometimes people abandon their logic /in favour of/ false hope’, but can’t help but feel that using ‘for’ would make the sentence more succinct. Answer As in: Sometimes, people abandon their logic for false … Read more

She had to go there vs She had to have gone there

I understand the grammar here (past infinitive in latter) but I do not understand what is the difference in meaning. Both seem to express the same, with the latter putting (in my opinion) more emphasis on the past aspect. But it does not help me.. Answer The difference in tense means that the element of … Read more

“agenda-driven”: single-word synonyms and a good definition

I first encountered the term “agenda-driven” in description of cat breed’s temperaments. While I sense the meaning, being non-native speaker makes it hard to understand term “agenda-driven” in various contexts. I see this term used more and more often. No dictionaries are defining it. I mentioned the cat’s context only to show how widespread and … Read more

Baffling meaning?

I saw this from a movie. Put up some baffling. What is the meaning of this? I know that baffling means something that close to confusing. But here I don’t get the meaning. EDIT: If I take an excerpt, This phrase is from Avengers, age of Ultron: Reroute everything. We get one shot at this. … Read more