What’s the term for business conducted over time, as opposed to in one meeting?

I’m looking for a word or term that describes conversation and development that’s conducted over the course of several meetings and asynchronous communications, in contrast to work that’s done all at once. For example, after spending nearly a full hour going back and forth, a member thinking they’d like to suggest the formation of a … Read more

An idiom meaning “a good horse is called a sorrel, a good young man is called fearless/crazy/bold”

Is there any idiom in English similar to Horse as boy, (brave) man as kook (are best). in which boy means sorrel. The latter is obvious. It is my translation(maybe it is wrong) to describe the idiom I’m seeking. Another translation, “Do not be afraid to insist on your rightful case. You should know that … Read more

Two fight, the third benefits

What is a classic saying for a third party getting all the benefit while two others are fighting. For example (from wikipedia): Two dogs fight for a bone, but a third one runs away with it. Answer According to the [Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs][1], the moral is embodied in the story of the lion, the … Read more

Are these three ‘stormy’ sentences synonyms?

Are ”there’s a storm coming” and ”there’s a storm approaching” a synonym of ”there’s a storm brewing”? If they are, which one sounds more natural and you use frequently? Answer All the phrases (preferable 1st and 2nd) can be interchanged for colloquial usage, yet there are subtle differences. A storm coming means it is right … Read more

“Order of magnitude” for qualitative changes

The phrase “order of magnitude” is used to indicate differences between quantities in terms of exponential powers. I’ve also seen it to indicate Big-Oh differences in algorithm run times. However, in computer science there is also a notion of classifying problems in terms of their qualitative difficulty. This is the categorization of P, NP, NP … Read more

A word for achieving 2 qualities considered contradictory to one another

Is there a word for a method of achieving 2 objectives or having 2 qualities that are typically considered to be in conflict with or contradictory to one another? By qualities I mean strong/ fast, anything like that. For example if a musician wanted his performance/piece to have variation and continuity, you would have to … Read more