Is there an idiom or saying for someone asking the same question many times in hopes of a more favourable answer?

What is the idiom or phrase to describe someone fishing around by asking the same question to different people until they get the answer they want? Like when someone asks a sales person if there are any specials or discount, and the answer is no. So they go ask someone else the same question hoping … Read more

A word that means “presenting something without context”

I think there is a word that means something is presented or said without context, like a statement that appears random. “Leftfield statement” comes close, but I think there’s something more concise. Some people malapropriate “non sequitur” for meaning this. (I’m basically looking for the word that means what those people think “non sequitur” means.) … Read more

Why do we use “in” in the phrase “in front of”?

I just realized I can’t quite make out why we use the word “in.” The meaning of front is generally a surface, a side – not a space you can be “in,” so how did that happen? Is it an artifact of an older meaning of “front”? Was “front” also once the name of the … Read more

An idiom meaning “a good horse is called a sorrel, a good young man is called fearless/crazy/bold”

Is there any idiom in English similar to Horse as boy, (brave) man as kook (are best). in which boy means sorrel. The latter is obvious. It is my translation(maybe it is wrong) to describe the idiom I’m seeking. Another translation, “Do not be afraid to insist on your rightful case. You should know that … Read more

Fingers&pies idiom

I’ve found an article on SE about an double idiom ‘finger in the pie/in every pie’. However, the reason I’ve been searching the meaning of this idiom is another phrase I’d come upon in a book. The very phrase is like, it is a simple and correct assumption to make that secret society culture is … Read more