What does “Stumble into the buzzsaw” mean? Is it a popular idiom?

I came across the expression “stumble into the buzzsaw” in the article titled “House Republican open to gun restriction” appearing in Time magazine January 11 issue. The article begins with the following sentence: “Why haven’t Republicans developed a Pavlovian reflex to stop touching “legitimate rape,” the most electrified phrase in politics? Georgia Representative Phil Gingrey … Read more

Idiom wanted for means and ends

There is a common Russian expression, literally translated as “winners are not judged”. The meaning is that one can get away with cutting corners and/or employing less-than-wholesome means in pursuit of some goal, provided one actually achieves the goals. In other words “the ends justify the means, so long as you actually achieve the ends”. … Read more

What is the origin of the expression “legislate from the bench”?

What is the origin of the expression “legislate from the bench” used to describe “judicial activism” in the United States? Do judges have different seating arrangements from congressmen? In more detail, do legislators (congressmen) sit on different appliances as compared to judges? Why does “bench” imply the judicial branch more than the legislative branch? Do … Read more

“Who doors wins”

What does this expression mean? Who doors wins Is it an idiom? Or is it a typo? Apparently, it makes no sense. Answer It’s a pun on the motto of the Special Air Service (part of the British Special Forces), “Who dares wins”. The article refers to the Turkish Special Forces, and ridicules their plight … Read more

Which of “chafing at the bit” or “chomping at the bit” is more accepted/proper?

I’ve used “chafing at the bit” for quite some time, but have also heard “chomping at the bit” as a way to indicate impatience, etc. Which of these two is the more “proper” or accepted variant? Answer Ngram shows a wider use of champing/chomping at the bit, probably indicating that they are the more appropriate … Read more

What does this phrase mean: “they just can’t keep their hands off the cookie jar”?

What does the following sentence mean? They just can’t keep their hands off the cookie jar I came across this sentence in a movie. It explores racial tensions in the American society, discriminated against people of color, lack of equal opportunities, bias in the judicial systems, etc. Answer Essentially, it means not being able to … Read more