How to say that food is hot (temperature) without the listener thinking that I mean “spicy”?

There is an excellent discussion of spicy vs. hot here: Difference between “spicy” and “hot” However, having read the previous question, I did not see any answer that tells how to say unambiguously that food is hot (temperature) without being misunderstood. If I say that my food is spicy, a listener will unambiguously understand that … Read more

Is there any English/American equivalent for the Hungarian phrase “beating the nettle with someone else’s penis”?

I am trying to translate this comically vulgar Hungarian phrase, often (but not exclusively) used in a political context. It means to make someone else carry out one’s rash or risky ideas, usually for the person’s own benefit. So, for instance, when the issue emerges of how US economic sanctions on Russia hurt the local … Read more