The meaning of this sentence?

What is the meaning of “Leaving aside the philosophical question of whether anyone should have to breathe someone else’s cigarette smoke, the report suggests that the smoke experienced by many people in their daily lives is enough to produce substantial adverse effects on a person’s heart and lungs.”? Recently I’ve been doing IELTS reading exercises … Read more

to persist OR to be persisted?

I’m reading a key for a writing exam, and it says, Historians in the future may look back on our time and wonder why we allowed such a dangerous and inefficient form of transportation to persist unchecked. And that sounds weird to me because “transportation” is an object that can not act on its own. … Read more

Noun + V-ing without V-to-be OR relative pronoun

I’ve read this, and the answer states we can omit relative clause heads when the verb that follows them is a present participle Can we really say: “The baby sleeping is Mike’s son” instead of saying: “The baby who is sleeping is Mike’s son.”? Answer I think it’s more common to say “the sleeping baby”. … Read more

Write up work means?

I have just finished a practice test for Ielts, and I looked at the key. There is a question in listening part asking about what the speaker said for a course requirement. The question number 27 is what I want to ask about. It requires NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. The speaker said: “Yes, that’s … Read more

The most opposite word of “the largest”

When we compare numbers of people, we can use the phrases: “The highest/lowest number of people was” “The biggest/smallest number of people was” “The most/least people were” That the word “lowest” is an antonym for the word “highest”. What is an antonym of the word “largest” when we compare numbers of people? “The **largest/_________ number … Read more

A monolithic group (singular agreement)

I downloaded the old ielts test and its keys, one of the questions asked you to describe a bar chart, and there were 3 different pieces of data given on the chart: Cars owners Internet users Apartment renters In its key for this question, there was a line which I thought it was weird. The … Read more