Expression for “impression of a dead insect on a paper”

Is there a term to describe the impression of a insect that is formed if the same is crushed between the pages of the book. Or the impression of a mosquito that is killed in between our palms. Answer I would call this a pressing. Pressing flowers between the pages of books has been a … Read more

What are these things that surround museum exhibits called?

I’m trying to find the correct naming for these things in the image: It’s the things that surround the exhibits in a museum, and sometimes they delimit a walking area to guide visitors along. I’m mostly interested when they define a route to follow. I’m thinking about red ribbons but I could only find an … Read more

Correct word for a little toy that always stands up?

In Spanish, we have a word for a little toy that always stand up, “tentetieso”. I want to search for those toys in English, but I can’t find the correct word or specific description to find them. Answer I’d call that a Weeble Wobble or Weeble but I think that’s a trademark usage of a … Read more

What are these pieces of cooking equipment called?

I decided to write down all the recipes I know to my website in English. However, I realized that I do not know what many common items are called. To make things even more confusing, I do not know if all the foods (or the equipment to prepare them) even exist in English-speaking countries. I … Read more

What do you call a robe that’s parted in the middle and is longer in the back?

I have a reference picture of what I’m actually talking about, it’s the.. coat/robe that the elf is wearing below. It’s got like this tear-drop skirt, and I’m not sure whether ‘coat’ or ‘robe’ is more appropriate or if there’s something better. Answer As a hobbyist fashion designer and seamstress, there is no specific term … Read more

A double-D / A cap / A beanie / A bonnet

1- I’m writing a story and one of my characters wears a bonnet. I searched the internet for some examples but then, I found other names like: A double-D / A cap / A beanie / A bonnet. Now I’m confused which one is more correct. 2- How do we call the three parts of … Read more

Where is the ‘abaft the beam’?

Please point out where ‘abaft the beam’ is on this picture. I cannot find it. abaft adv. Toward the stern. prep. Toward the stern from Answer Here is a another picture which points out all locations on a boat and which indicates where ‘abaft the beam’ refers to, whether port or starboard beam. I have … Read more

Is there a word for near the tip of an object?

I am designing a device with two similar components close to its tip, see below. I need some descriptors to tell the two components apart. What would be the best words to describe the positions? Something to distinguish closer-to-the-tip and slightly-further-to-the-tip. Answer Proximal is nearest to the point of attachment and distal is furthest away. … Read more

Word(s) for cardboard box whose flaps slide into slots to hold lid closed

What is the word(s) for the type of cardboard box whose lid can be held closed without tape. Specifically, the sides have slots and the lid has flaps that slide into the slots to be held in place by friction. These types of boxes are commonly used as product boxes for computer motherboards, hard drives, … Read more