Should there be a comma before “so” in the following sentence?

Consider the following sentence. JS– is an optimizing compiler for the good parts of JavaScript, which helps programmers write efficient and type-safe code so they can develop better quality software and be more productive. This sentence seems all right to me. However, when fed it to, an online grammar checker, it complained about a … Read more

Can “A case in point is Japan” be use as a dependent clause of a sentence?

My sentence in full length is “A case in point is Japan, they have experienced a drop of TFR from 3.44 in 1950 to only 1.55 in 2015.” Divide the sentence by comma into two parts, I would like to know these two parts can be linked together with the first part as dependent and … Read more

Limitations of Subordination and Nested Clauses

I’m an English teacher who often has to grapple with explaining to students the complexity of clause structure in English, and after reading an article about various ‘longest sentences’ in fiction, I got to wondering if anyone has ever done any research into the cognitive limitations or constraints on the amount of nesting an average … Read more

Joining two independent clauses that contain relevant information

It’s been a few years since I took grammar writing, so I’m kinda rusty with my comma skills. I know that one of the comma rules is that two independent clauses must be joined with a comma, however, it feels weird to put one in the following sentence. Traditional monotherapy (single-drug treatment) with chemotherapeutic agents … Read more

Commas to separate two phrases separated by conjunctions

So I was studying for the grammar (English) section of the ACT, and I discovered what seems to be a serious gap in my knowledge. In one particular section, there were 4 questions that I got wrong – all for essentially the same reason. Examples speak louder than explanation, so: Q: For centuries, scientists believed … Read more

Adverbial subordinate clause/ phrase

After March 2023, life will be back to normal. Is the bit "After March 2020" an adverbial clause or a prepositional clause? After eight hours, they reached the peak. Same doubt about "After eight hours". Answer It’s a prepositional phrase that adverbially modifies what ensues. You’re assuming it’s one or the other, but that’s a … Read more

Punctuation of successive imperative sentences

I was wondering whether the following sentences are punctuated properly: To show this, multiply the ODE by x; integrate over x, and perform repeated integration by parts, it then follows that: f=0. Answer ‘To show this’ is adverbial, so the first comma makes sense. Then there is a list of imperatives. Commas are fine for … Read more

What’s this syntax called: “Him being the nice person he is, helped her.”?

Or “He, being the nice person that he is, helped her.” Which one is correct and what’s the construction called? Answer You offer two options for handling the sentence that you are interested in: Him being the nice person that he is, helped her. and He, being the nice person that he is, helped her. … Read more

Comma usage with one subject, multiple verbs, and multiple objects

Just got a writing job, part of which involves editing. There’s a pretty specific type of sentence that’s coming up a lot, and I’m not sure if a comma is required or not. The sentences look like this: Baxter played his role well in the first game and scored tons of points throughout the series. … Read more

Immersed in real-world challenges, I never stop thinking how to make our world better.[Is this correct]

I’ve been asked to proofread an essay which consists of tons of these kind of twisted sentences. My question are whether this sentence is correct and in what case should there be a verb at the ‘naked’ sentence(clause?). Is there a way to test this that works every time? If this sentence is correct would … Read more