Search results in results

“Term has X search results” “A search for term has X results* “A search for term resulted in X results” Is anyone else confused by this? A “search” generally “results” in something, but lacking an alternative to “results” (like “items” or “records”) you end up with duplicity (#3). No. 2, the alternative, has “search” “contain” … Read more

Proper form of “user request”

The context is an Internet platform to which http requests are sent. In a sentence like this: The system behaves differently when users’ requests increase. what is the correct usage of user request terminology? I have the following doubts: I think the article is not needed: is it? (when users’ requests vs when the users’ … Read more

Where did the term “flame war”/”flaming” come from?

I found this term on the history of Tanenbaum and Torvalds debate, but I couldn’t find the origin of the term. I’ve understood the meaning (from UrbanDictionary): A flame war is a heated argument between two individuals, that results in those involved posting personal attacks on each other during or instead of debating the topic … Read more

Is there a more general term for “googling” that doesn’t imply a particular search engine?

Nowadays lots of people use the word “google” as a verb, past tense “googled”, which generally means to search the web using Google’s search engine. When used as a gerund the word is typically “googling”. (I’m not sure if these words should be capitalized, but that’s not relevant to my question.) Is there a common … Read more

How can you tell someone you want to talk to them over a text based medium?

I use chat programs and often confuse people when I say, “I spoke to…” or “I had a conversation with…” people, when they are remote. People think that I meant that I had a face-to-face or at least a verbal conversation with them. Has English solved this? Is there a verb for text-based correspondence, that … Read more

Usage of the noun “aesthetic” to refer to a set of artistic principles and motifs

Is it non-standard to use the term "aesthetic" to refer to a set of artistic principles and motifs that define a particular artist or artistic movement? From Wiktionary’s entry for aesthetic: 3. (Internet slang) The artistic motifs defining a collection of things, especially works of art; more broadly, their vibe Her most recent works have … Read more

What is the proper name to call “non-developer bloggers”?

I am looking for a proper name to address a group of people who is not proficient in coding a website (HTML/CSS/JS). A suitable call so not to offend anyone. Example quotes (that I don’t yet feel is correct): "Useful codes for regular bloggers." "Copy-paste solution for unskilled bloggers." "Code snippets for non-technical developers." Update: … Read more

What is the meaning of “that” as an Internet slang?

I see many times in comment sections of Internet forums such comments as the following: A: This girl is so ugly and I know nobody will date her ever. B: That! What does it mean? Answer “That!” is an affirmation by the person saying it approving of what another speaker has just said. Here are … Read more