Plural form of series when talking about literature?

When speaking about non-mathematical groups of items (i.e. a series), is there a plural usage for the word series? My favorite book series are all crime novels. Is it correct to use series as a plural here? Answer The word series is one of those irregular nouns in English which is the same both singular … Read more

What is the plural form of regex?

As the title says, what is the correct plural form of regex? To my knowledge, regex is an abbreviation for regular expression. I see that some sources suggest regexes and regexen are both correct. The latter plural form sounds maybe German? Any suggestions? Answer This is domain-specific jargon (the domain being Information Technology), rather than … Read more

Waste or Wastes

In the sentence below, is “waste” grammatically appropriate because “Category A” is a group of medical waste? “What treatment methods are used for Ebola or other Category A medical wastes?“ Answer “What treatment methods are used for Ebola or other Category A medical waste?” The use of the conjunction OR means you would use a … Read more

Latin words with no plurals in English

Plurals derived from Latin words ending with -us normally have the ending -i. However, the plural of virus is viruses and the plural of bonus is bonuses because these words do not have Latin plurals in English. Considering the fact that the majority of English words come from Latin (or Greek, usually via Latin), why don’t these words have Latin plurals in … Read more

What’s the Singular term for Music?

I’d like to know what’s the singular term of music, is it muse? Answer Music is usually used as uncountable. But when this noun means “a distinctive type or category of music” ( it is a countable noun. So in this meaning it has both singular and plural forms (i.e., a music, some musics). Etymologically … Read more

A minimum of two personnel “are” or “is”?

Which is correct? A minimum of two personnel are required to meet this objective. or A minimum of two personnel is required to meet this objective. Answer Your question relates to a common ‘singular versus plural’ dilemma, where there is a reasonable case for each. 1 A minimum of two personnel are required to …. … Read more

Why is the plural ‘oxen’? Is it acceptable to use ‘oxes’?

According to a English grammar rules, we add ‘es’ when the noun ends with ‘s’, ‘ss’, ‘sh’, ‘x’, or ‘ch’. With these rules, ‘ox’ would become ‘oxes’ in the plural. Can ‘oxes’ be used as the plural of ‘ox’? Answer It is a very old word, Old or Middle English, and is irregular, like “child … Read more