Content Performance [closed]

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Flights with all inclusive stay/living, some jargon for this?

Suppose a competition has a prize that contains flight tickets, all food and accommodation. Is there some special term in English to describe it? Flights with all inclusive stay or Flights with all inclusive living? Or something else? Luxurious living is an overkill, how to describe the prize with flights tickets, accommodation and all food … Read more

What does ‘corporeal form’ mean? [closed]

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Why did ‘off-the-shelf’ come to mean ‘in stock, ready-made, and easily available’?

I came across the word “off-the-shelf” in the following sentence of Time magazine’s article “The 50 Best Inventions of the Years (Nov.11 issue). He (inventor of the first synthetic cell) started with ‘off-the-shelf chemical’, and managed to reconstruct the genome of bacterium that successfully ‘booted up.’ I checked out the word “off-the-shelf” with a dictionary … Read more

Use of the word ‘lawmaker’ when referring to elected representatives

Over the last few years I’ve noticed more news stories referring to elected representatives as ‘lawmaker’ rather than Senator, Congressman, Member of Parliament or whatever specific title they might enjoy. I presume that it must be a matter for a local style guide that various organisations habitually use it; I first noticed it with Bloomberg … Read more

Is there a single word for the faith a user of magic has in the efficacy of a magical object or act?

I’m writing about art’s function of rescuing, redeeming or validating the artist’s experience and suffering. Some of my sources have compared this to the functions of magical talismans and power objects, and I’d like to use magical language now and then throughout my paper as a nod to this similarity. The problem is that I … Read more