How to understand “I’m calling it a push”?

I’m reading the book Working Backwards recently and got a little confused with the sentences below: I told him I’d played two weeks earlier at the local park with my buddy John. “So you have me beat on the A-list tennis partners,” I said, “but I’ve got you on recency. I’m calling it a push. … Read more

meaning of action flag

What is the meaning of “an action flag” in the sentence below? …your name has an action flag on it, which is directing me to transfer you immediately to the consul general’s chief administration. Thank you, fate Answer It means that whoever wrote this, saw some kind of marker on your folder/email conversation that elevate … Read more

Are there specific terms for “point up” and “point down” pentagram?

Pentagrams can have virtually any orientation but the two most common are “point up”: And “point down”: Is there a more appropriate term used to distinguish between these two variants? Answer Point up = Pentagram Point Down = Inverted Pentagram AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : MrHen , Answer Author : Shawn D.

Expression for some special SQL queries

While I’m not native English speaker, I often need to express myself in English. For a week, I have been searching for a term which represents a kind of SQL query: SELECT something FROM somewhere WHERE somethingElse IN (SELECT foo FROM bar) It’s a query within another (those in brackets). What term should I use … Read more

Is there a single word for the faith a user of magic has in the efficacy of a magical object or act?

I’m writing about art’s function of rescuing, redeeming or validating the artist’s experience and suffering. Some of my sources have compared this to the functions of magical talismans and power objects, and I’d like to use magical language now and then throughout my paper as a nod to this similarity. The problem is that I … Read more

Sixty-nine callback

In the movie ‘Fight Club’ I heard the phrase ‘Sixty-nined you’ for calling back. Is that common in American English or special for New York where you can press the 6 and 9 to call the last incoming number? Answer I’m pretty sure that pressing * 6 9 used to apply in Canada too, so … Read more

An unlikely but very bad event (technical word)

I’m looking for a word that describes an event or situation that is problematic but unusual. The word should indicate that something is theoretically possible, but so unlikely that you could ignore it. Example: Physicists laugh at the [unlikely but bad] possibility that the large hadron collider creates a black hole that engulfs the planet. … Read more