What are some examples of “zombie nouns and verbs”?

This is one of the New York Times writing rules.I don’t know exactly what “zombie nouns” and verbs mean here. Can someone give some examples? Rule 6: Write With Non-Zombie Nouns and Verbs Delve into Strunk and White’s fourth style reminder “Write with nouns and verbs” by reading about what Helen Sword calls “Zombie Nouns”: … Read more

Who is the authority — scientists, or linguists — on the definitions of everyday words referring to types of animals?

For instance, biologists these days like to say that the word “dinosaur” is inclusive of modern birds, since birds are descended from dinosaurs. This is consistant with biologists’ tendency to categorize things monophyletically — that is, if it is descended from something, it “is” that something. A bird is descended from a dinosaur, so it … Read more

jargon for taking leftover budget funds in one calendar year and using them the next year

There’s a term for taking leftover budget funds in one calendar year and using them the next year, in the context of government budgeting. I am having a brain freeze and can’t remember it or find it on google. I know it’s a reasonably short word (my guess is in the 5-9 letter range, 2-3 … Read more

Content Performance

What is a right word to describe Content/Performance? It is about best and effective content that form a complete artefact. The example text as below: 5.4.1 Content/Performance This is about a better user experience, the effectiveness of the artefact and the context of the contents. It is part of the critical component for target users … Read more