When is it appropriate to send Seasons Greetings?

During what time of the year is it appropriate to close semi-formal written conversation with “Season’s Greetings”? Obviously sometime around December 25th, but how much in advance and how much past this date? Or isn’t it ever? Answer Generally speaking, in the US it’s appropriate from roughly now (Dec 7) through Jan 2 or so. … Read more

When one thing is over, the next is just around the corner

I’m looking for an appropriate phrase to finish a semi-formal letter to a colleague. I’m thanking him for his cooperation and looking forward to the next event we’ll be preparing together. At the very end, I’d like to use some proverb (if possible) which means “it’s good that when one thing is over, the next … Read more

Can a faculty be based on area1 and area2?

I’ve been writing a motivation letter for a grad school. The faculty I’m applying to is a “The Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics”. I want to emphasize that it is an interdisciplinary faculty which is the first thing I’m interested in it. There are mathematics faculties and computer science faculties separately which is the … Read more

‘We communicated a few weeks ago’ in an Email

I am writing an email that has not to be formal. I am trying to translate a phrase from Spanish that goes: ‘Nos comunicamos hace unas semanas.’ The literal translation would be ‘We communicated a few weeks ago’ and I am trying to use that phrase to let the receiver know that we were in … Read more

I hope you can help me in this matter // is it correct?

I am writing a letter to the company with attached CV. This company can manage accreditation process and provide world leading task management and support for a specific type of job. In the end of my letter I am planning to use: …… I hope you can help in this matter. Looking forward to receiving … Read more