What did Colbert mean by “bedude form”?

In his most recent monologue on The Late Show, the comedian host Stephen Colbert, gently mocked a New York Times reporter’s style of writing (watch the excerpt on YouTube) “500 words” she whispered, her silken robe sliding to the floor as the morning sun hit her bedude form. I think that’s how the word “bedude” … Read more

Is there a word which actually means the common incorrect usage of the word “reactionary?”

People often use the word "reactionary" to mean: "quick to react or jump to conclusions based on scant evidence." For example: People who think that this athlete is over the hill based on a single poor performance are simply being reactionary. Of course, the word "reactionary" does not actually mean this. But is there a … Read more

Squeegee with a squeegee

Squeegee is: a scraping implement, usually consisting of a straight-edged blade of india-rubber, gutta-percha, or the like, attached to the end of a long handle, for removing water, mud, etc. [OED] OED‘s earliest citation is from 1844: Holy-stoning the decks..is the worst description of nervous torture of which I ever heard, excepting perhaps, the infliction … Read more

What does “throw down (an order, an idea)” as in “The offer was thrown down to join the Sith” mean?

What’s the actual meaning to “throw down something” as in “His offer was thrown down”? Is it the same as saying “His offer was rejected”, or is it like saying that the offer was made for consideration? The definition given by FOE is [http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/throw%20down) But, please consider the definition given by MW source, plus these … Read more

“Occupation” and “professional occupation (plus calling and career)” vs. “vocation” and “professional vocation”

Is “professional vocation” an acceptable alternative to “professional occupation”, and to “professional calling or career” also? You might want to consider the following sourced examples for this: What is your current vocation? How many years have you been currently involved in… source What is your current vocation? High school English teacher at Westfield High. source … Read more

“Assist someone do” vs. “assist someone to do (or “in/with” doing)”

I just recently came across “assist someone do” searching Google for examples to my previous question, and would like to check with you whether it is an acceptable option to “assist someone to do (or “in/with” doing)”, or a snapshot of language in transition — analogous with “help someone do” — that I caught here. … Read more