“Dasometry”: is this a common word in English? Is there more common alternative?

I am looking for a word that groups all measurements done in the trees or forest, like Tree height, Diameter at breast height, Basal Area, Volume, crown diameter, etc. In Spanish we have the word “Dasometria” for that, and in English I only found the word “dasometry” in research papers written by Spanish or Portuguese … Read more

What do you call overtaking after overtakers? Not necessarily a single word, a phrase will do

What do we call the act of overtaking a vehicle which is already being overtaken by one or more cars? You see that some other car begins overtaking, and you join this overtaker, and others may join you, creating a dangerous string of overtakers. It’s kind of “blind overtaking in a row”, where you blindly … Read more

Correct word for a little toy that always stands up?

In Spanish, we have a word for a little toy that always stand up, “tentetieso”. I want to search for those toys in English, but I can’t find the correct word or specific description to find them. Answer I’d call that a Weeble Wobble or Weeble but I think that’s a trademark usage of a … Read more

What’s the meaning of “I may have lost a little bit of this year” in this sentence?

Does it mean that I lost a part of my idealism this year, or it says without a vision, my idealism would has been less? which one? I am really glad I wrote a vision because I think I would be a lot more negative right now if I hadn’t done that. My vision reminded … Read more

What is the English equivalent of 干物女 (dried fish woman)?

Literally meaning dried fish woman, the popular slang 干物女 is used to call a woman in her twenties or older who, as nicely summarized in Wikipedia, has many of the following traits: メールの返事が極端に遅い、短い (Her text replies are very slow and short.) 簡単な食事なら台所で立って食べる (If it is something simple, she will eat it standing in her kitchen.) … Read more

meaning of “to immigration” in this sentence?

Does it mean “climate change for immigration” or “climate change” and “immigration” are 2 different issues? In areas that range from occupational safety to climate change to immigration, legislators might benefit if they can delegate authority to others – and blame them. Answer In phrase, In areas that range from occupational safety to climate change … Read more

How can I translate the French expression “travailler en alternance” to English?

I am looking to translate the expression travailler en alternance into English. I have found several answers on the internet but none seems to match my use case. I am still at school and I am working part time on school project to learn and part time for a company. The French phrase expresses this … Read more

Having decision making power over someone’s assets

I am trying to translate the German word “verfügen” or “Verfügung” in its legal sense into English. In dictionaries, I only find the translation of “to dispose” or “disposition”, as in the “power of disposition”, but this just doesn’t seem right to me. I understand “to dispose of” basically to mean “to get rid of … Read more