“Starve a fever, sleep a concussion”. What does it mean?

I’m watching an American Dad episode (S9E17), and one of the characters (Francine) say this sentence: Well, come on. With a head trauma like this, you should get right into bed. It’s like they say, “starve a fever, sleep a concussion” I really don’t get the meaning of this joke (i think it’s a joke…), … Read more

What’s the meaning of “biased”?

in a reporter in NME magazine have a question “Are you biased?”. This reporter talk about race and problems about racism. Thanks! Answer Bias is simply favoritism or prejudice based on some preexisting condition. The implication in the article you read is that the listener (whomever the reporter is talking to) has an inclination to … Read more

How can I improve this sentence about the German “Kleinunternehmer”?

I’m looking for the correct translation of the German word “Kleinunternehmer“. The translations I found are individual businesses, small entrepreneurs, small businesses, etc., but I’m not sure which of them to use. The text I’m trying to translate is a note for an order form which gives the users the information that the business owner … Read more

Is there a verb in English that means the act of postponing something in detriment of other people?

In Portuguese we have the verb “enrolar”, which can be used to denote the act of postpone something, either by keeping silence about it or by giving excuses. It’s used when someone is being negatively affected by the delay. Is there any equivalent in English? Answer drag one’s feet = (also drag one’s heels) be … Read more