Correct usage of neither/nor vs. not/and + usage of was/were

Since I am not a native speaker, I would like to consult with you. Which version would be the correct one? (I am translating a text in informal style) There were neither hair dryer, shower gel, nor shampoo in the room. There was neither hair dryer, shower gel, nor shampoo in the room. There were … Read more

History of Neither Nor – Negative Meaning with Negative Verb Structure

I know that neither–nor yields a negative meaning if used in a sentence that has a positive verb structure. That is, when we say: Neither George nor James goes to school. we mean: George does not go to school and James does not go to school. By positive verb structure, I mean the usage of … Read more

How to use “neither” in second-person plural?

I am trying to say “Neither of you was my student”, but placing myself as the subject, i.e. “I was neither of _____ teacher. I can’t figure out what goes in the blank. “I was neither of your teacher” is my best guess, but it sounds weird. Is there something that fits in the blank … Read more

Either or Neither in sentence with another negative

I am writing something where I want to say the following: I have never visited either Scotland (n)or England. I couldn’t find information about this on either this site (n)or any other site on Google, including the other questions I found on this site, to answer this question specifically. Most other sources never touch on … Read more

Is this correct use of nor? (with “may not be able to”)

Is the use of “nor” here correct? “The XXX acknowledges that XXX may not be able to withhold a record (e.g., data, document, etc.) nor deny access to a record requested pursuant to the Act…” I think I’m getting tripped up by the “may not” part. I’m leaning more towards replacing nor with or. Answer … Read more

Grammar — Nor without Neither but with Non

Is this sentence grammatically correct: Non necessarily convex nor simply connected Answer Non necessarily Is probably a typo, and should be Not necessarily Other than that, the sentence is fine, especially if you add a comma before "nor". You can use "nor" without "neither" to connect two negative sentences. I haven’t travelled to Canada, nor … Read more

‘the eigenvalues of A are either 0 or 1 or both’. Does that mean Both 0 and 1 are possible?

I was asked the following question in a National level exam whose answer will be ‘the eigenvalues of A are either 0 or 1 or both’. But one option which reads the eigenvalues of A are either 0 or 1 was announced correct by the Exam board. I knew that option meant 0 and 1 … Read more