How to avoid overusing ‘the’ in objective writing

I’m writing an experimental process description and I feel like i’m overusing ‘the’. The plastic tube leading out the bottom of the Vayyar equipment (again the tube on the left) is fed through the hole of the data lid and into the sample container The syringe is retracted slightly and placed into the holder, the … Read more

Subject/Object Confusion in The Silmarillion

In Tolkein’s “The Silmarillion”, page 216 of the chapter “Of Túrin Turambar”, the following is written: “[…] this Wildman was the Mormegil of Nargothrond, whom rumour said was the son of Húrin of Dor-lómin.” Ignoring the array of proper nouns, shouldn’t the subclause read “WHO rumour said was the son […]”, as “who was” is … Read more

Are reflexive pronouns typically used in compound objects?

We can all agree that the reflexive pronoun in this sentence is necessary:I bought drinks for myself. However, I cannot seem to find a definitive answer regarding the following sentence:I bought drinks for my sister and [me / myself]. While searching online for an answer, I came across a few guides that claim you should … Read more