Why is “wong” a bad word?

I just use “wong” as if I am saying “wrong” without the “r”. For example “You are wong. try again” However, this word is moderated in roblox chat several times. Merriam Webster and other dictionaries define wong as an obsolete term meaning field, meadow. Is there some other meaning of this word? Answer I consider … Read more

What does “cold balls” exactly mean in American english?

I’ve been watching a crime TV anime show lately, and I’ve run into this fancy and maybe offensive too ( sorry about that, if it is like so ) and to put you guys in the scene context here is a summary: A rookie detective was assigned to save a hostage from a dangerous criminal, … Read more

Does “things went south” sound offensive for someone from the Southern United States?

As a non-native speaker I’ve been using this phrase without thinking about how neutral it is actually. In Russian, for instance, we have “незваный гость хуже татарина” (an uninvited guest is worser than a Tatar) and someone who’ll say something like this in Tatarstan or Bashkortostan can offense people. So, should I avoid phrase with … Read more

For the expression “bumf**k, Egypt”, is “bumf**k” an adjective and “Egypt” a noun?

I’m asking about the structure of the expression. If the answer is YES, then what’s the reason for the comma. Besides, which Egypt is meant, “The Arab Republic of Egypt” or that “region of Illinois”, near Chicago? — Edited: I’m not a native English speaker. Answer This is another example of how important the context … Read more

What is the grammatical structure of the expression “F*** you!” and its derivatives?

I heard that expression along with its derivatives so many times, in movies or otherwise, but I can’t get it grammatically, meaning, does it stand for a complete sentence like “I will fuck you!” or “I want to fuck you!”? Or what? Is it an imperative construction, or part of some other type of sentence … Read more

What are the constraints on replacements of the phrase “Holy S—t”?

When my friend found out that the new season of Rick and Morty is going to be released this year, he yelled in excitement: Holy fucking Rick! This is not a valid (ie. grammatically correct) replacement for the phrase “Holy Shit.” It made me think: What words could replace “shit” in this slang, without changing … Read more

Is the use of the word “cracker” as a racial slur so common that it cannot safely be used to refer to certain hackers?

I always liked to use the word “crackers” to refer to people who overcome computer software or security restrictions, as opposed to “hackers,” which (supposedly) originally meant people skilled at computing. A while ago, I used the word in my conversation with a speaker of AmE, who did not know of that use of the … Read more

What is an informal term for a person who can’t do anything right?

In Russian we have the term "рукожоп". I would translate it as "asshands" which literally means that your hands grow out of your behind and you can’t do anything right (or do anything at all). Example: Dad: "Hey son, can you hang up this picture on the wall?" Son: "No dad, my hands grow out … Read more