How to emphasize that a problem is represented even in smaller group?

I am trying to emphasize the significance and prevalence of some problem by showing that even in a small group of people this problem is represented very well. Just for example, let’s say that we are discussing crime problem and I know that there are many people who were robbed in my school. At the … Read more

Does “default” imply “only”?

Speaking of options and settings, does the word “default” imply the only value of an option, or can there be more than one default values of a single option (setting)? EDIT: Let’s say the question is about user interfaces. If use “default” word for specific option value (e.g., “default phone number” where you can have … Read more

Is “only” a negative adverb?

The site ‘‘ includes the word ‘only’ in the group of negative adverbs with hardly, scarcely, barely, seldom, etc. and specially categorizes it as an adverb creating ‘conditional negativity’. Example sentences: I will only go to the movie if you go too. (Meaning: I am not going to the movie if you don’t go.) I’ll … Read more

Is the usage of ‘only’ correct

A: Why are you doing this? B: You only asked for this, didn’t you? Is the usage of only here correct so as to mean you were the one who? Answer No, it isn’t correct. It would mean All you did was ask for this. For the meaning you want it would be better to … Read more

Meaning of “misuse of the word ‘only'” in context

I am reading the book Learning Python by Mark Lutz, in which there’s a passage I don’t understand: I also want to thank my original editor at O’Reilly, the late Frank Willison. This book was largely Frank’s idea. He had a profound impact on both my career and the success of Python when it was … Read more

Use of “only” and word-order

I’m writing an automobile website and some of my paragraphs contain the word “only”. I understand the following. As far as I’m aware, this is right: Only the Volkswagen Polo, Golf, Passat, Passat CC and Sharan are available in this country.  This, as far as I am aware means that those Volkswagen vehicles are available, … Read more