Use of “only” and word-order

I’m writing an automobile website and some of my paragraphs contain the word “only”. I understand the following. As far as I’m aware, this is right: Only the Volkswagen Polo, Golf, Passat, Passat CC and Sharan are available in this country.  This, as far as I am aware means that those Volkswagen vehicles are available, … Read more

Are Only + Number Adjectives?

In the sentence “Only eight apples grew on the tree.” Are both “only” and “eight” adjectives? Answer By nature of the sentence, “eight” is a quantitative adjective describing how many apples are on the tree. On the other hand, “only” is an adverb describing the exclusivity of the eight apples being the only apples on … Read more

The difference between “only one” and “one and only one”

A teacher announces, “There is only one student who failed the course.” Does the teacher’s statement mean anything different from the following version? “There is one and only one student who failed the course,” said the teacher. Answer In ordinary conversation, only one has the same meaning as one and only one. The shorter phrase … Read more