How do you describe a study which attempts to isolate the compounding effect of factor A on factor B?

Shameless cry for academic help here. I’m working on my thesis, which is a study that will focus on the compounding effect of group dynamics on persuasive technology. The control and treatment group will be given daily SMS notifications encouraging them to walk, but the control group will be participating as disparate individuals, and the … Read more

Idiom/phrase for “example picked purposefully”

For example, when one is talking about a chemistry equation and they use values one wouldn’t see in real life to illustrate a point better, or give a specific example that requires extra steps that likely won’t be required in the usual cases, what would they include to say this is an example that wouldn’t(or … Read more

Should a comma be included when listing age?

When listing age under someone’s name for reference, does there need to be a comma between “age” and the number? My company is running an ad for a beauty supplement featuring our brand ambassador for the product. The main image is a headshot of our ambassador with her name and her age listed below. In … Read more

Past or present tense when reporting the views of another?

When reporting the views of another person, what tense should I use? Here are three fragments of a paragraph from a text I am currently writing: “Another objection is that Friedman overestimates the importance…”, “Against [this], Wilfrid Hodges protests that… “, “…many arguments that Kant regarded as purely logical are…”. My intuition is that I … Read more

How can I make this sentence correct? It sounds wrong to me

The sentence, “Innovation requires more exploration and risk-taking than architects are typically used to.” sounds incorrect tome, but I cannot put my finger on what the problem is. Please help me figure it out. Many Thanks! Answer I would say: ”Innovation requires more exploration and risk-taking than those the architects are typically used to.” The … Read more

What does it mean by “wasn’t everybody saying”?

“As Mr Trump’s opponents called this a disaster, his supporters lambasted their criticism as hysterical—wasn’t everybody saying a year ago that it was sinister to have so many generals in the cabinet?” What does it mean by “wasn’t everybody saying”? Answer If you want to get to the meaning of a phrase using a contraction, … Read more