Quantifier (+‘of things’) + verb

A couple of people objected to the proposal, but the vast majority approved of it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/dictionary.cambridge.org/us/amp/english/majority ‘The vast majority’ instead of ‘the vast majority of things/people’ Can I just say, ‘two jump,’ ‘the minority jump,’ ‘a good/great deal jump,’ and ‘a couple jump’? I mean, can I omit the following phrase ‘of things’ in English? … Read more

What is the meaning of ‘one of each’

There are five leaflets – please take one of each. I don’t understand why ‘each’ follows ‘one of.’ ‘each’ and ‘one’ are both singular. Answer It’s saying to collect one of every category. “One of each” is correct, and not redundant. “One” refers to how many items your pick from a category. “Each” refers to … Read more

many aspects of our educational system vs many of our educational system aspects

I have always thought of developing and changing many aspects of our educational system. I have always thought of developing and changing many of our educational system aspects. These are two sentences I wrote and I have found (in web) that “aspect of” is always used. Why it is not fine to write as the … Read more

Species of animals

Which one is correct? Types of animals, kinds of animals or species of animals? Please write some examples. And is it correct to say “species of fish”? Answer John is correct. ‘Type’ and ‘kind’ can be used informally and interchangeably, pretty much any way you like. Animals that eat fruit – that’s a type or … Read more

Why is a singular verb “is” used after “One-third of the population” while a plural verb “live” is used after “70 percent of the population”? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Does a percentage quantity take singular or plural verb agreement? [duplicate] (2 answers) Closed 4 years ago. 1) One-third of the population of sub-Saharan Africa is undernourished. 2) Nearly 70 percent of the population still live in the countryside. 3) One-third of the residents live below the poverty level. … Read more

“All the good people” vs. “all of the good people”

I’ve heard both of these before. All the good people All of the good people Are they both correct? Answer Both correct! They both have the same meaning. The “of” variant is a partitive genitive, like French bouteille de vin (bottle of wine). I’d say “all of” has a connotation of “all members of group … Read more