What part of speech is the word hair in ‘hair spray’?

Consider the following sentence as an example. I used some hair spray. What part of speech is hair? Intuitively, I want to say it’s an adjective modifying spray since hair spray is two separate words and not a compound noun. Hair spray however, as paired nouns, is something that we’ve decided to call a thing … Read more

Does a ver­bal noun turn back into a verb when mod­ified by an ad­verb?

Here singing is a noun: I like singing. But what about here? I like singing loudly. Loudly is still an ad­verb, right? But singing is still be­hav­ing like a noun, right? So which is it, a noun or a verb? How can it be­have like a noun when it gets mod­i­fied by an ad­verb? Answer … Read more

“Equals” – a verb or not?

I was checking out the usage of the word “equal” as a verb on the Merriam-Webster website. Under the “Recent Examples on the Web: Verb” section, I stumbled upon this peculiar quotation: “That map also showed that the regions of Tampa Bay, Daytona Beach and Palm Beach County stood as more or less equals as … Read more

Is this a list inside a nonrestrictive parenthetical or something else?

In the sentence Several women, some as young as eighteen, others in late middle age, could be seen scrambling up the mountain. It looks like some and others are being used as pronouns. It’s a fine sentence, but I don’t understand why it is allowed. If it’s really a list shouldn’t it be Several women, … Read more

Are articles pronouns?

I’d like to know whether articles are a kind of pronoun. I believe that "a/an" should be an indefinite pronoun because "a" is similar to "any", and "the" should be a definite pronoun. For example: I need an answer I need any answer The two words above are similar, but have some differences. In the … Read more

What part-of-speech is “running” in this example?

What part-of-speech is “running” in the following example? The car comes with daytime running lights. Is it a noun, verb (gerung), adjective, or something else? Answer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daytime_running_lamp Technically, it’s a lamp (=lights) indicating a state, and that lamp is for usage at daytime. ‘Daytime‘ acts as an adjective here, like ‘night’ does in the combination … Read more