Active and passive sentences

I was learning about ACTIVE and PASSIVE sentences and came across this particular example. I know a sentence is said to be Active when the subject of the particular sentence performs the action. For example, “The hunter killed an antelope.” In the Passive form it will be “An antelope was killed by the hunter.” A … Read more

Sita was married by Rama

1.Rama married Sita 2.Sita was married by Rama ” The Teacher’s Travelogue ” prepared by the Regional Institute of India, Banglore discussed the use of active and passive voice. It goes on to say that the passive voice( sentence 2) is grammatically correct but different in meaning from the active voice ( sentence 1) According … Read more

Passive voice using the preposition “with” instead of “by” offers Verb smite: 6. (figuratively, now only in passive) To strike with love or infatuation. Bob was smitten with Laura from the first time he saw her. I wonder whether this smitten is rather an adjective at least syntactically Answer smitten adjective… deeply affected with or struck by strong feelings of attraction, affection, or … Read more

The Rare third passive use

One of the professors of English named Rama murthy announced 10 years ago that he had invented a rare third passive use. He gave the following sentence for his analysis. He gave her books The passive forms are given below She was given books by him. Her books were given by him Books were given … Read more

What is the subject in a passive infinitive sentence saying “to be considered for a promotion”

Once the employees have completed the company’s largest project successfully, they will be offered an opportunity to be considered for a promotion. I found that sentence in my English book and this is a little bit confusing because I am not sure WHO consider the opportunity between the employees and the company. First, I understand … Read more

How do I say that one thing is another using active voice?

I’ve tried typing this question or variations of this question into Google to no avail, so I apologize if it has already been answered elsewhere. I’m trying to edit a paper for a class in which the instructor has written the following: I know that [to be verbs] CAN have the proper place, so don’t … Read more

Are these in passives?

I learned English autodidactically by reading books , watching movies , video games , etc…. But, there are some things in english that confused me , such as passive forms. What’s the difference between ‘x cannot be stolen‘ and ‘x cannot be steal‘? . Are both in passive forms and have the same meaning ? … Read more

Active to passive voice conversion for “He has money.”

The question is really simple, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to convert this sentence from active voice to passive voice, or at least to a natural-sounding paraphrase ‘depersonalised’ to the extent that the inanimate object becomes the subject. The sentence: He has money. I am able to convert other … Read more