Use of pronouns with mythical creatures

How should we refer to such figures from mythology and occultism like: Lucifer, Fenrir, Scylla, Astaroth, Beelzebub, Baphomet, Minotaur, Golem, etc – he, she or it? Famously, the general rule is to use he/she only with pets you have personal feelings to and it with all others. However, what about mythological creatures? They are neither … Read more

What are the rules for using : it’s or its?

I am often corrected on StackExchange for writing it’s instead of its Few minutes ago : I start a game by it’s shortcut ==> I start a game by its shortcut I am (quite) sure that when I was young, I’ve only learned it’s and I never seen its anywhere then (But it was 35 … Read more

Usage of “they” / “them” / “their” when the person’s gender is not known

I know that one can use “they” / “them” / “their” in place of “he” / “him” / “his” or “she” / “her” / “hers” when the subject’s / direct object’s gender is not known; for instance, just looking at the default user’s about me section on Stack Exchange sites: Apparently, this user prefers to … Read more

Can a ship or a car be a “he”?

In English, especially in a poetic description, ships and cars are referred to as “she”. Maybe their owners compare their beauty and elegance with those of women, but what if a female owner wanted to describe her yacht or car? Would she also say, “She is a real beauty”, or it might be “he” then? … Read more

Why should the word “I” be replaced with “me” in this sentence? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: “than I” vs. “than me” [duplicate] (5 answers) “…than I am” vs. “…than me” (3 answers) Closed 4 years ago. Question is Identify grammatical errors in this sentence. Sentence: Though I am elder than my Brother by five years, he is more successful in life than me. My Lecture … Read more

“It was me” or “It was I”

It was … salted the earth around your flower deck. I wrote the second form “It was me”. I have chosen the most “appropriate” answer to this question as somebody who is learning English. This decision was made on a phonetic basis so it’s for sure I made a mistake. Surely you have a rational … Read more

Can I use two identical pronouns to indicate different people or stuff in one sentence?

For instance, I would like to speak as follows: The black ants like to eat the liquid produced by aphids. In order to earn their own livings, the black ants help guard and feed their young. As a result, they can take them as a reliable source of food. Can I say that if I … Read more

Adverb clause of comparision

example1: “He is wiser that I” example2: “He is wiser than me”. I know example1 is correct and example2 is grammatically wrong. But please check the below conditions Sentence1: “I found her smarter than him” Sentence2: “I found her smarter than he” I found that sentence1 is correct, but not sentence2, unlike above examples which … Read more

In this sentence, does “it” refer back to terrorism?

Does “it” refer back to “terrorism”? The End of Faith by Sam Harris is a genuinely frightening book about terrorism, and the central role played by religion in justifying and rewarding it. Others blame “extremists” who “distort” the “true” message of religion. Harris goes to the root of the problem: religion itself. Even moderate religion … Read more