Why is “that” more suitable in the following?

"If I lie to you, I’ll lose your trust forever. That’s/it’s the last thing I want." "I’ll search for Mary. That/it was my original plan anyway." I know "that" is more suitable in these examples, but I can’t quite pinpoint why. Is there an objective reason (semantics, grammar, etc.)? Answer "That" is more immediate, specific, … Read more

“on weekdays”, “on weekday” or “on the weekday”

Is "on the weekday" an idiomatic phrase in English to refer to many weekdays? Or is it grammatically incorrect and it should be "on weekdays"? For example, Jack visits that club on the weekday. Answer The usual phrase in "on weekdays". "on the weekdays" could only be correct in certain contexts; i.e. if the weekdays … Read more

What is the dish of meat or fish cooked in very little liquid like soy source until the meat/fish becomes sticky?

I want to cook this dish -fish/ meat/ chicken/ beef etc was cut into pieces -put the pieces into a pot -pour just a little oil in the pot -pour some Asian soy sauce or fish sauce in (I don’t pour water in) -cook it slowly in low or medium temperature until the meat/fish/beef/chicken etc … Read more

“Prolonged the maintenance frequency” is it correctly phrased?

Let’s say the recommended maintenance schedule is once a month or 12 times per year. If the person decided to do xxx, they do not have to maintain it monthly. They can do it less frequently. How can I phrase the sentence to explain that professionally? Can I say "increase the time interval between maintenance"? … Read more

Is it natural to say “No way did the team win” or “No way the team won”?

I am talking about the structure "(there is) no way" (informal) used to say that there is no possibility that you will do something or that something will happen ‘Do you want to help?’ ‘No way!’ No way am I going to drive them there. There’s no way we could afford that sort of money. … Read more