Can I say “I know where they were walking to”?

Can I say "I know where they were walking to"? I’m aware that running ngram searches is not the best way to learn the grammatical correctness of a clause, but I was wondering why this particular sentence structure, particularly "where+subject+was walking to" gives incredibly few results, even after trying with different pronouns. It looks like … Read more

Do we say “someone rang the doorbell” for the machine that monitors people entering a building?

I live in an apartment of a building and when my friend visits me, they can not get into the building unless they press my apartment number on a system placed in the front of the building. There is another piece of equipment with a screen installed in my house. And when visitors press my … Read more

Is it correct to say “She is a bad role model for her children”?

A woman eats a lot of junk food and her children copy her eating junk food too. What is the opposite of "role model"? Can we say "She is a bad role model for her children"? I found this in the dictionary a bad/rotten apple: ​one bad person who has a bad effect on others … Read more

What is the dish of meat or fish cooked in very little liquid like soy source until the meat/fish becomes sticky?

I want to cook this dish -fish/ meat/ chicken/ beef etc was cut into pieces -put the pieces into a pot -pour just a little oil in the pot -pour some Asian soy sauce or fish sauce in (I don’t pour water in) -cook it slowly in low or medium temperature until the meat/fish/beef/chicken etc … Read more

Do we have a common expression to say that a person is in a rush and carelessly bumps into things or people?

A man is in a rush and bumps into a woman. In Vietnamese, that woman might get upset and say "Where are your eyes and nose that you run like a thief" (literally translated from Vietnamese). Do we have a common expression in English that express a similar idea? Answer "Oy!" or "’Ere!" (meaning ‘Here!’) … Read more

Do we have a verb to express “pulling hair of chickens/ ducks/ birds etc before cooking them”?

When you buy chickens or ducks in a supermarket, their hair is ripped clean for you already and you just need to cook them. However, if you have a farm raising chickens or ducks, you need to pull out their hair before cooking them. I say "pull out" because their hair and its root must … Read more