Adjective meaning “disposable” that sounds more eco-friendly

I’m marketing a product I invented for travelers. It’s made of recyclable card stock. Travelers will use it for a week or less, and then either recycle it or throw it out. “Disposable” is a good description, but doesn’t sound eco-friendly. “Recyclable” is too easily misinterpreted as meaning reusable. I’d like to be able to … Read more

Word(s) for “Workflow Optimizer”

Looking for word(s) that can describe a person’s job title John’s job is to go to companies evaluate their current process workflow and to implement changes to improve this workflow to be optimal . Since companies workflow need to change all the time to stay optimal John revisits his clients and analyze the workflow for … Read more

Word for hidden or implicit social policing?

I am looking for a word or phrase meaning a system of social policing, the operation of which is implicit, or is explicitly hidden. Examples include: Salem Witch Trials. The Gestapo. Secret youth police groups in the Chinese Communist Revolution. McCarthyism. Preferably, I would like a word or phrase that is both precise and non-dramatic. … Read more

Word or phrase used to describe someone who controls someone else through possessions or financial means

Not sure if such a phrase or word to describe a person/actions actually exists. Have been using “to lord something over someone,” but this might not be the correct usage. ex1: If someone pays for a vacation and subtly reminds you that they paid for everything when a choice of activities becomes a split decision, … Read more

How to describe level of proficiency that is native-like?

I haven’t been born or raised in an English-speaking country, so I feel like saying that I’m a native speaker would be deceptive. On the other hand, saying that I’m proficient is an understatement. English is dominant in my day-to-day life, I’m very much immersed in the American media, I get all the cultural references … Read more

A formal way to say “she used hand gestures to ask why”

I am writing a copy on an ADHD child’s clinical assessment. In one part of the assessment, the clinician pretends not to be able to blow a balloon. Instead of using verbal language to ask what happened, the child gestured with her hands. Is there a better way to say “gestured with her hands” Answer … Read more

Word/phrase/tactic for falsely calling yourself someone of the opposite side to use as a tool to discredit that side

I wanted to know if there’s a word for a sneaky tactic involving falsely calling yourself a person of the opposite side to your actual viewpoint (perhaps in an anonymous setting) to use as a weapon to discredit that opposite side’s argument. Eg. Someone commenting online anonymously on some relevant message board “As a radical … Read more

What’s a word or phrase for when someone claims an ability but can’t demonstrate it on request?

Is there a word or phrase for when someone says they can do something but it just so happens they can’t do it right now? For example, if someone said that they could read minds but they couldn’t read your mind for some reason, what’s the phrase used? I seem to remember it starting “oh … Read more