Is there a word or short phrase used to describe being impressed with someone’s accomplishment while also clearly expressing a lack of understanding?

(This is my first time on this forum, so I apologize in advance if I fail to articulate my query effectively or break site etiquette out of ignorance. I’ll endeavor to be as thorough as possible here because I feel as though my question might be quite obscure, so this post will likely be very … Read more

What do you call overtaking after overtakers? Not necessarily a single word, a phrase will do

What do we call the act of overtaking a vehicle which is already being overtaken by one or more cars? You see that some other car begins overtaking, and you join this overtaker, and others may join you, creating a dangerous string of overtakers. It’s kind of “blind overtaking in a row”, where you blindly … Read more

Term for a graph with a regular polygon with labeled points and an irregular polygon inside of it

Taking a personality quiz on FiveThirtyEight, there were these graphs, consisting of a regular pentagon and an irregular pentagon inside with the points further from the center being lesser and points closer to the edge being greater, on top of regularly spaced bars: I’ve seen this type of graph in other places. For example, on … Read more

What word best describes someone who likes to do everything on his own?

This doesn’t mean that they are unsociable or always keep everything secret. They just love to do things by themselves to feel as if they don’t need anyone else doing this for them. Is there any word or phrase that can interpret this full meaning? Answer Self-sufficient has the connotations of not needing others. Especially … Read more

Is there a word or phrase to describe repeating the same word three times?

In spoken language, it seems to be a natural thing to repeat a word three times to emphasise the urgency, the importance and to acknowledge the situation. For instance, come, come, come ok, ok, ok alright, alright, alright go, go, go yes, yes, yes Is there a word or phrase to describe that? Answer As … Read more

What should a table of presence/attendance be called precisely? (Schedule vs Attendance vs Timetable vs Time Sheet)

I’m looking for a precise title to put on: A page on which people of a team indicate which days on a week they are present/working in the office. Looking for different terms, I’ve several options by non of which I am satisfied: Schedule: This term suggests a meaningful series of timings or plans to … Read more

Is there a word or phrase that means ‘works but not for the reason we expect it to’?

I’m looking for a word or phrase that means that something works or functions, but not for the reason that people think or claim it works. Examples John went outside in the rain with an opened umbrella above his head, thinking that pointing a stick at the heavens would let the gods know that he … Read more

Is this way to say “to give up one thing in order to have another thing” correct?

Is the following way to say “to give up one thing in order to get another thing” correct and idiomatic? We should not compromise the existing differences for a unique theory. Is the above use of compromise and for correct? If not, how else to say what I want to say? Answer Yes, it’s fine. … Read more