Why do ash (trees) and ash (burnt residue) have the same name?

I’ve often wondered why ash (trees) and ash (burnt residue) have the same name. I’ve looked up the origin of both words, but I don’t see anything that explains why the names are the same. From the Online Etymology Dictionary: ash (n.1) “powdery remains of fire,” Old English æsce “ash,” from Proto-Germanic * askon (source … Read more

A word that includes plants and fungi, but not animals

I am working on a project which includes information about plants and fungi. It would be very helpful for me if there a word that means plants-and-fungi, but I’m not sure there is. "Flora" only includes plants, but "biota" includes animals. Answer It seems that the answer is "no", however "flora" is probably the best … Read more

Water caltrop in American English

There’s a moderately popular fruit found in India known as panifal or singada in Hindi. The fruit comes from an aquatic plant that grows in stagnant or slow-moving water up to 10-15 foot deep. Here’s what it looks like: Searching online, I find the fruit has several names in English including water caltrop, water chestnut, … Read more