How to describe Gender formally?

For a User Interface of an Information System, options for selecting the Gender is to be given: Not known Male Female Male – TransGender Female – TransGender Is Enuch can be included; as an appropriate (formal) word, which can describe an Individual -neither male nor female? Any other word? Like Third-Gender or something? Suggestions for … Read more

Alternative to “queer the deal”?

The phrase queer at­ti­tude used to be com­mon­place, sim­ply mean­ing a strange at­ti­tude or un­help­ful be­hav­ior. Un­for­tu­nately in the present era, I once used that phrase and sadly of­fended an LGBT per­son, since peo­ple to­day use queer to mean ho­mo­sex­ual. I can avoid say­ing queer at­ti­tude by just say­ing strange at­ti­tude. What’s a mod­ern al­ter­na­tive … Read more

The use of “horizontally gifted”

horizontally gifted: A politically correct way of calling someone fat Can horizontally gifted still be offensive? Or is it an absolutely safe way to describe someone overweight if we have to find the right words to do it, without hurting anyone? Answer This is absolutely sarcasm rather than polite or politically correct. Don’t use it. … Read more

Why is the singular “Olympic Athlete From Russia” used for an ice-hockey team?

It’s definitely more than one athlete in the Russian team. On TV: On the web And they did it all the time till the finals: Clearly, it wasn’t an arbitrary error or slip-up. Answer Olympic Athlete from Russia is the offical English name of the team, although it is widely misrepresented as Olympic Athletes from … Read more

Non-racial alternative for “Chinese fire drill”

A “Chinese fire drill” is an activity that involves a lot of bustle and chaos but achieves nothing. This term could be considered insulting due to its association of Chinese people with unproductive activity. Is there an alternative term without the racial connotations? Edit: This was mistakenly flagged as a duplicate of this question, asking … Read more

Does “nonstandard English” come across as judgmental in the following context?

I am looking for an alternative to the word nonstandard (if necessary). I used the word in my answer to a question at Academia SE. Let me first lay out the context. The question I was offering an answer to was I just had a lecture from someone who has been a senior scientist (and … Read more

Word for people of all nationalities that have African ancestry other than “black”

What’s a politically correct word that includes all people of sub-Saharan African descent no matter what their nationality is? “Black” is not politically correct enough. But “African American” doesn’t include non-Americans. And “African” doesn’t sound right when describing an African American person (it might be a bit offensive). Is there a synonym for “black” that … Read more

Must genocide involve killing?

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of articles regarding the genocide of the North American indigenous people by the European settlers. I’ve also heard claims that this genocide continues to this day due to institutionalized colonialism. All morals aside, can the word “genocide” correctly be used to refer to something that doesn’t involve killing? Google … Read more

Expression for being “fluent but not necessarily perfect” in a language

How can one neutrally and concisely express that someone is able to converse in a particular language clearly, confidently and more or less in a grammatically-correct fashion? — I need to post an advert to find volunteers for a project who really can use spoken English “effectively” but I’m not fussed if they e.g. have … Read more

Is there a way to determine how offensive a word is?

Outside of slang, I’m looking for a list of words that have been co-opted by society to mean something derogatory. In some senses, they are also “trigger words” and phrases. The word cult, for example, is offensive to some, however it is the scientific word used to describe the initial stages of a formation of … Read more