In order of appearance “in” or “on” the chain

I want to say array that stores positions of nucleotides in order of appearance in (or is it on?) the S chain. I know it sounds too specific as a genetics kind of question, but is just for a comment, let’s say it was a chain of letters. I don’t know if I’m saying it … Read more

Function of object of preposition

Consider the sentence “What is the probability of Bob winning?” What is the function of “Bob winning”? It’s certainly acting as the object of the preposition, but I don’t recognize this type of construction from any of my English courses. Is it even correct usage? Answer Some call it the “fused participle” because the participle … Read more

ambiguous object of prepositional phrase?

What is the object of the prepositional phrase along with… in this sentence, I was in the first wave of implementation, along with eighteen million other vampires, witches, ghouls, werewolves, feral youth, and the like. Is the object all the things together or each thing individually. In other words, are there eighteen million ghouls or … Read more

When i quote you from him you do not listen but when i quote you from Einstein you listen

Feeling great to join this network. I appreciate it. I have a question: is it better to use the word quote or cite in such situation talking with a hypocrite person? “When I quote you from him you do not listen but when I quote you from Einstein you listen.” or “When I cite you … Read more

Is the phrase “the ease at which / the ease by which …” correct

1) ** Is it correct to follow “ease” with “at which” such as in “The **ease at which you can carry this bag depends on the angle you hold it from” 2) Does anyone have a good source recommendation for the rules of using different nouns with along with the word “which”? Answer ease at … Read more

Use of the preposition “by” along with “which”

There is a difference in the difficulty by which the two different objects can be lifted up. Is “by” correct here? Does “difficulty by which” sound natural? is there maybe a better alternative? Thanks a lot in advance! Answer This is a question about what preposition to use with “difficulty”. It is being confused by … Read more

Is it grammatically correct to place the object of preposition before the preposition?

In conversation, it’s normal to say: What time do you have to be at the train station by? Note: What time do you have to be at the train station vs What time do you have to be at the train station by, mean 2 completely different things, right? 1) The question in the title … Read more

Which preposition should follow “sympathies”

I want to ask an organization: Does your organization have any sympathies __ [such and such ideology (X)]. Which preposition should follow “sympathies?” I was thinking “to” might work, as if their sympathies are poised in the direction of X. But “for” could work also, as if they have sympathies stored up and reserved for … Read more

What is the sense of “bosom labouring” here?

I’ve just came a cross the following sentence: It seemed to breathe from a bosom labouring under the deadliest terror. and can’t puzzle out the meaning of this two words combined together in this sentence. Could someone explain? Answer This is the full sentence “Hush!” said her companion; and there was something in the tone … Read more