In order of appearance “in” or “on” the chain

I want to say array that stores positions of nucleotides in order of appearance in (or is it on?) the S chain. I know it sounds too specific as a genetics kind of question, but is just for a comment, let’s say it was a chain of letters. I don’t know if I’m saying it … Read more

Brave from ignorance and folly

I read a sentence: It is not fortitude to be brave from ignorance and folly. Why we use from in the construction brave from? What is the full meaning of the sentence? Answer It means “…to be brave because you are ignorant and foolish”. A person who goes into a dangerous situation even though they … Read more

“It was an April” vs “It was in April”

“It was an April afternoon. And the warm breezes of approaching summer had sent everyone, including Grandfather, indoors”. The above sentences are from the story ‘Adventures in a Banyan Tree’ by the Indian English writer Ruskin Bond. (The context of the story is a school boy’s summer vacation excitements and experiences, which he narrates after … Read more

About repeating nouns, adjs, and prepositions

Example 1: Historical economic data, meteorological data, and hydrological data were collected from various sources. Data referred here are all historical data. Should I repeat historical, and are the repeated “data” redundant? Example 2: This result can be explained by A, and by B A and B can be two clauses or nouns. Should I … Read more

Sita was married by Rama

1.Rama married Sita 2.Sita was married by Rama ” The Teacher’s Travelogue ” prepared by the Regional Institute of India, Banglore discussed the use of active and passive voice. It goes on to say that the passive voice( sentence 2) is grammatically correct but different in meaning from the active voice ( sentence 1) According … Read more