“If I was to” vs. “If I were to” [duplicate]

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“I said I would/will go” — which one is correct? [duplicate]

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Present perfect or past simple – “the best movie I (saw/’ve seen) this year”

I know the rule is to use past simple when you specify the time when the described action happened, but I strangely dislike this sentence and I’m not sure if the rule applies: “It’s the best movie I saw this year“. Shouldn’t it be: “It’s the best movie I’ve seen this year“? Please, could you … Read more

When do I use present perfect tense instead of the simple past? [duplicate]

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Which is proper usage: “What I’ve Learned” or “What I learned”? [closed]

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Someone who {shaped / has shaped / had shaped} policy for 20 years

First a little history before I pose my question. Without this history my question may not fully make sense. King Fahd of Saudi Arabia had a stroke in 1995. After this stroke, Crown Prince Abdullah governed in the king’s name for about ten years, after which Abdullah officially ascended to the throne until his (Abdullah’s) … Read more

Past simple vs present perfect in this example

Could you explain to me please what is the difference between these. It is meant to express that I will let him know AFTER I picked/have picked a car. I’ll let you know which one I picked I’ll let you know which one I’ve picked The present perfect, its because its shifted from future present? … Read more

Past Perfect vs. Present Perfect

I am a new member on this site. So please guide me somewhere else if I post anything incorrect. I have been working on these two sentence corrections that ask about Present Perfect, Past Perfect and the Simple Past. They have been a little confusing. During the 1950s, the Detroit area emerges as a metropolitan … Read more

Past simple vs past perfect; British- vs American English

According to this site the use of past simple and present perfect is quite strict in British English, while in American English you can normally use simple past instead of present perfect: In British English, the use of Simple Past and Present Perfect is quite strict. As soon as a time expression in the past … Read more