“I saw him run” — Why doesn’t this require the past tense of “run”?

In a sentence like, “I saw him run,” what is the rule that explains why “run” is in the present tense when “saw” is in the past tense? A similar construction, “She said he swam,” requires past tense for both. I suspect the pronoun is governing verb tense. Is there a term for this? Answer … Read more

Use of the present perfect for repetitive actions

I’ve already searched a lot on the web, but still can’t figure out one specific example. For instance: Mary has been to England twice. Alice has been to the cinema twice this week. (= The week is still not over) I completely understand why we use the present perfect in the above sentences. But here … Read more

Using “once upon a time” in a present tense sentence?

I work in a company that sells simple children’s books. A customer complained that the book changes tense randomly, and they’re right. This book was created years ago and needs updating to ensure it uses correct grammar. The book starts out like this: Once upon a time in a faraway land, Princess $Name$ lived in … Read more

‘When you say you ‘did XYZ’, could you tell me more?’ – What tense is this?

As a poor example: Person A: ‘I really liked cats when I was a child.’ Person B: ‘When you say you “liked cats”, could you tell me more?’ Person A: ‘Blah blah.’ I’m really wondering about the tense of ‘when you say’ here. Should it be ‘When you said’? Is there a name for this … Read more

What’s the difference between “He’s going to fly tomorrow”, “He’s flying tomorrow” and “He flies tomorrow”?

Let consider that someone will take a flight tomorrow with a plan of course. In this case, we can use He’s going to fly tomorrow in Simple Future. How ever, I’ve learnt that we can also use Present Continues to represent this situation in future too. So we’re allowed to use He’s flying tomorrow. On … Read more

Are both forms possible? Present perfect vs progressive

I’d like to know if both sentences could be possible. We’ve gone / We’ve been going to the same dentist since we were children. You’ve worn / You’ve been wearing that coat for years. Thank you in advance. Answer I would go with the present perfect progressive here (the second set of options). The present … Read more

I asked~ but she ‘ won’t ‘… Why did they say ‘won’t’?

There is a exercise to practice some usages. Q. I asked Sue what happened, but she doesn’t tell / won’t tell me A. won’t tell I can’t understand it. I chose another one, but I don’t think that is right. the situation is about past, so I think ‘didn’t’ is right. I believe ‘will’ is … Read more

Should the verb “die” be used in the present simple tense when talking about an individual?

There’s this quote from the game Batman: Arkham Origins in which there’s the phrase “She dies” which Ferris says about Mr. Freeze’s wife Nora, who’s suffering an uncurable disease. Shouldn’t it be something like “She’s dying”, given that that’s what she is, “dying”, as in “suffering an uncurable condition and awaiting certain death”? What would … Read more