Grammar about present tense in a conditional phrase

Which one is the correct one? If the worker [verb] something, the company will show something. If the worker [verb] something, the company shows something. The context is that I am writing documentation for functions of the workers in my employ. Answer This is similar to “When we know what she decides, we will see … Read more

“I try” versus “I am trying” when talking about an achievement

When talking of a task somebody is trying to achieve, is it better to use the present tense or the present progressive tense? Between the following sentences, I find the first more correct. I am trying to calculate the minimum angle for which the range of the projectile is maximum. I try to calculate the … Read more

What are “is” and “was” pointing to, or referring to in these sentences?

Frank is my best friend! Frank was my best friend! Here, is and was are pointing to the present time, and past time. Mom: Look, you dirty little grub! Child: Mum, it wasn’t my fault. What is wasn’t is pointing to, or referring to? Child: Mum, it isn’t my fault. What is isn’t pointing to, … Read more

How many was it or is it

And here comes another of my question from chat discussions 😛 We were discussing some tv series, and I recommended a particular series which ended with just two seasons in 2011. Now, his next question was: How many episodes was it? The usage of was struck me as both odd and correct. In my opinion … Read more

How to express something that happens currently, but that might be fixed in the future?

I’m not sure if I wrote my sentence correctly: At the time the thesis is written, one current shortcoming of the proxy tables is that. I want to say, that currently, when I’m writing the thesis, there is a shortcoming which could be fixed later. Answer Try At the time of writing, one shortcoming of … Read more