Does a question mark (?) come to the end of a sentence which starts with “How to …” ? if no/yes why?

Do these sentences need question mark? How To Repair and Restore Windows 10 (?) Or How to fix java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Ljava/beans/Introspector error (?) (this is a programming question) Answer I think it depends on the intent. If you are actually asking that question, then the mark should appear. How to restore Windows 10? … Read more

How should I punctuate/capitalize the following question?

Is the following question punctuated/capitalized correctly? “What’s that, a dishrag?” Or should it be two questions? “What’s that? A dishrag?” Or would a third option be best? Thanks! Answer The capitalization is correct, and a third option you could consider is “What’s that—a dishrag?” using an em dash. This punctuation guide may interest you. AttributionSource … Read more

Is a question mark needed?

Is a question mark needed after “kitchen”? I feel there might be as I imagine Bob has omitted “didn’t you?” from the end of the sentence. If it was there a question mark seems like it would be needed: “Well, you saw the mess he made in the kitchen, didn’t you?” Bob: Tony’s getting worse. … Read more

Question mark or not?

SHOULD THERE BE A QUESTION MARK OR NOT? IT’S AN INDIRECT QUESTION BUT AN ANSWER WOULD BE EXPECTED. There’s a party later if you’re interested. There’s a party later if you’re interested? Answer No, because it is a declarative statement. There should be a comma though. There’s a party later, if you’re interested. AttributionSource : … Read more

Do this sentence need a question mark

Please could you release orders for March to June 2019. Answer Using a question mark would change the semantic meaning. I’ve heard people say this form both with the raised ending indicating a question and without. I’m less confident than Kris that the ordering between “Please” and “could” is semantically significant, but this is absolutely … Read more

Where do I put the question mark if a question has a parenthetical statement at the end?

What would you have me do (given some factor is a and another factor is b and some other statement-y thing follows as well — I’m not even sure what to make of the whole thing, not to mention that she said “screw you, you PIG!”)? I suspect the question mark goes at the end … Read more

Question mark after “I don’t know what you want from me.”?

I’m getting mixed messages on which of the following punctuations is correct: I don’t know what you want from me. I don’t know what you want from me? It seems to be both an indirect question, rhetorical and even a halfway actual question. Is there a generally preferred way to punctuate such a sentence? The … Read more

Help settle an argument, question mark placement

So, I posted a picture in a group chat and one of the members of the chat questioned the placement of the question mark (attached for reference). Where’s your plane, peasants? (original) or.. Where’s your plane? Peasants. (what he thinks it should be) To my knowledge, the second would be grammatically incorrect purely for the … Read more