What is the meaning of “a personal odyssey of the self”?

I was reading the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari which has the following sentence: He describes his time in this far-away land as a personal odyssey of the self. What does this sentence mean? Answer The key point about the original Odyssey is that it involves not just a journey (full of adventure … Read more

Is it “allowed” to use a translated quote like as if they were said in English?

As far as I learned you need can quote word by word, showing changes like this: Albert Einstein: “The Internet is a great invention.” Albert Einstein mentioned, that “[t]he Internet[sic] is a great invention.” (Source) OR you quote indirectly, like: Albert Einstein is of the oppinion the internet is a great invention, as stated in … Read more

APA Citation Quote + End of Sentence

How do we correctly (APA style) end a sentence that ends in a quote and requires a citation? The manual explains it as, “a method for doing something (author, year).” or The manual explains it as, “a method for doing something.” (author, year) Next sentence begins…. Answer Neither is correct. The citation goes outside the … Read more

“The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh would like to be remembered to you.” – what does that mean?

What does “would like to be remembered to you” mean in the statement: “”The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh would like to be remembered to you.” ? This was later released by the Royal Household to a member of the public who was injured in the accident also involving Prince Philip’s vehicle. I should … Read more

Sentence Explanation – Seneca’s On the Shortness of Life

I realized that your grief should not be intruded upon while it was fresh and agonizing, in case the consolations themselves should rouse and inflame it: for an illness too nothing is more harmful than premature treatment. If I’m understanding correctly, Seneca refers to consolation of a fresh and agonizing wound as “premature treatment” and … Read more

What would be a good quote or saying that says that “good quality is easily apparent?”

I’m trying to express that it’s easy to tell when something is high quality. What would be a word, or better yet, a quote from literature, that expresses this? Answer “Qualities shine from afar, defects from up close.” (Victor Hugo) AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Andrew Wang , Answer Author : BeatsMe