Whats the meaning of “”to combat labor exploitation”?

In the following sentence, I’m curious whether "to combat labor exploitation" only relates to "require documentation" as single or "limit hours, impose age limitations, or require documentation" as whole. Furthermore, I’m also curious what "require documentation to combat labor exploitation" means. Just as trucking regulations cap truckers’ driving hours in the interest of public safety, … Read more

In the last century there has been progress in what doctors have been able to do with

this sentence is a bit ambiguous for me. In the last century there has been great progress in what doctors have been able to do with modern surgery and new medications. There are two possible readings in my mind. I think the 2nd one is correct, But I’m not sure. “with modern surgery and new … Read more

Struggling understanding IELTS reading comprehension answer key

I need some help with explaining this IELTS reading exercise. The question from the exercise is: Rocket as war weapons were first invented or used by ________? The options are: a. The Chinese b. The Indians c. The British d. The Arabs e. The Americans The answer key for that question is (c) the Indians. … Read more

on a daily line

I’m having trouble understanding the meaning of these words at the end of the second chapter of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The narrator reflects on what Tom Sawyer has learned in manipulating all the other kids to whitewash the fence. He cites how wealthy men in England pay to drive coaches for the fun … Read more